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Last Update
    The Office of Public Relations was intended to foster the relationship between our university and the parents, students, financial industries, and mass media through good communication and interaction. By doing so, the parents, students, financial industries, and public can have a better understanding of the mission of CTBC Business School, which is “helping people in need and with outstanding abilities, and taking public good as our priority.”  This has been addressed by the president of the CTBC Charity Foundation, Jeffrey Koo, and also the president of CTBC Business School, Feng, Chi-Tai. In addition, we hope to share more educational resources and communicate our ideas about developing the “international financial professionals” of Taiwan to the public.
    The mission of our Office is to build a positive image of CTBC Business School and to deal with crisis management. Also, we will help with the communication among the different departments at our school to promote the efficiency of the school’s operations. 
    Our Office will use our patience, passion, and sympathy to serve our missions of international communication and external marketing to uphold the school’s brand quality. By doing so, we can maintain and improve the school’s positive image and public relations.